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 A Little Bit About Us

Richard, Henry & Giles (October 2006)
We are Richard Bennington-Grant and Henry Grant.  Henry is originally from Portland Maine and lived and worked for many years in New York City. A ballet dancer in his younger days, Henry for years bred and exhibited Maine Coon Cats under the cattery Hampton Coons. Richard is originally from outside Cleveland, Ohio. Richard started out  his career as a hair stylist.  When we met in June of 2003, we knew that someday we would have at least one dog. Dogs had been a big part of our separate lives, with Henry once having had a Golden Retriever and Richard a Weimaraner. For the first few years we were together, we would go to the Westminster Dog Show in February for our annual "Dog Fix."  In February of 2006, there was a wicked blizzard the weekend before the show, and we were very upset thinking the dogs wouldn't make it to Manhattan. As it turned out not only did they get there, but  it was also at that time we decided on "Our Breed."  We met a beautiful Vizsla Bitch in the benching area - and that was the end of the discussion - a Vizsla it would be.  
Since Henry was finally retiring, a move from the city to the country seemed imminent. In May of that same year, we closed on a house in Guilford, Connecticut that the builder had named " The Riverview House" because it sat on Connecticut's small East River. In that same month we were also fortunate to meet Carol Phelps of Szizlin Vizslas. Luck would have it that she was still placing puppies from her most recent litter. So in early July, we picked up "Giles" - now CH. Szizlin Riverview Giles of Guilford. It was at that time that "Riverview Vizslas" was born. In 2007, we added two boys to our family, Hudson and Todd, and then in 2010 we added our first girl, Dolly! and then we kept puppies out of Dolly and Hudson:  Bolan in 2013 and Streisand in 2015 - and we moved from Connecticut to Lutz, Florida while keeping our summer camp up in Maine. We have been very active in local and National Vizsla events.
Left: Richard, Henry & Tip (Circa 2004)     Right: Richard & Henry Off the Coast of Maine
Circa 1996
Richard & Ruby
(circa 1999)
Henry with Lars (September, 1985)
Richard (December, 1977)
Henry (circa 1960)
Home Sweet Home
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